The Desert Fox at MHQ

Erwin Rommel was one of the most interesting figures of WW2.  For a long time there has been talk that he was really only a great divisional commander who was promoted beyond his level of true competency.  Talking about the relative merits of generals is always fun, and incapable of being proven.  Rommel’s achievements in North Africa are undeniable, even though he never had enough men or equipment to do as much as he wanted.  On the other hand, the British siphoned troops from that front to send elsewhere on more than one occasion.  Rommel grabbing the Suez Canal or going even further afield is one of the great “what ifs?” of the war.   Read the fine article by Robert Citino in the Summer issue of MHQ, and take a look at some Rommel and Afrika Korps photos here.  Also, take a look at this article by Professor Citino about the German airborne attack on Crete in 1941.


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