World War Two Warbird Photographs

Here are several photos I have of WWII warbirds at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, New York.    So let’s just imagine that we really did discover a trove of old photos that had been mislaid for nearly seven decades.  And ignore the indications of 21st century attire or technology.  It is 1944!

This P51 Mustang is waiting to take off on an escort mission over Germany, June 1944.

This p47 Thunderbolt has just returned from a strafing mission over occupied France, June 1944.

This Navy F4U Corsair waits to take off from the deck of the USS Essex, September 1944.    Please ignore the concrete flight deck.

At this late date in the war, the P40 Warhawk is a second-line fighter, but still soldiers on providing close air support for ground troops.  This machine is stationed in southwestern China, August 1944.

Marc De Santis

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