Ancient Warfare Magazine a Hit

Ancient Warfare is Dutch-produced, English-language magazine specializing in scholarly articles about the history of war in the ancient world.   I am a longtime reader, and every issue has impressed me with the quality of its articles and the fine artwork included within it.   Each issue focuses on a different aspect of ancient military history, such as the Assyrians or Caesar’s campaigns.

The most recent issue, Vol. V, Issue 6, is quite an achievement.  The theme of this issue is the Hellenistic era’s elite units, such as Antigonid Macedonian hypaspists and the armored cavalry of the Seleucids.  Especially beautiful is the illustration of a Seleucid cataphract at the Battle of Panion in 200 B.C.

Ancient Warfare is available at Barnes & Noble, priced at US $9.99.  A subscription may be obtained at



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